Buhler Alzenau produces 400th OMS at Leipzig site

One year after Opteg GmbH  transferred  significant assets and technologies to Bühler Alzenau GmbH, the experienced team in the Center of Competence in Leipzig manufactures its 400th optical measuring system LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS (Optical Monitoring System).


The LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS is a key part of Buhler’s vacuum coating systems. It is based on a monochromatic measurement of reflection and transmission via a double-beam photometer. Being a reference class in the field of optical in-situ measurement and control of optical layer thickness of refined lenses and optical components, it allows our customers a fully automated production with simultaneous control of highly accurate, stable and reproducible coatings in the nanometer range. These advantages have convinced a large number of customers. The team in Leipzig manufactured more than 100 LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS for Buhler’s vacuum coating systems over the past one and half years. Also the 400th LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS will be integrated into a Buhler mass production system for optical coatings in the field of Precision Optics.


The LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS is just one of many products that Buhler Alzenau develops and manufactures at its Leipzig site. The product range includes various optical measuring systems, ion beam figuring systems for optical lenses and precision parts, as well as the development of robot solutions used worldwide for a broad variety of applications.